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I've always believed that life doesn't happen to us...it happens because of us.  

We create each day through the choices we make and the actions we take, the things we say, and the things we do, and these things are driven by what we truly believe at our core. Everything depends on what you perceive to be the purpose of life...to be the purpose of your life.

In order to create your destiny, you need to have a vision.  Mine has always been to help others, to fight for the underdog. That is why I'm here.  To help those struggling with addiction.

For over a decade I have coached and counseled family members and friends through their addictions.  We've been successful with some, still working on others.  We will never give up on anyone.  I believe in second chances...and third and fourth and however many it takes to get things right.  We all have our own struggles, we've all made choices we're not proud of.  We need to accept that and move on.

So, who am I to create this program?  I am a grandmama who has seen and heard almost everything.  I have had my successes and my failures.  I have known love and had my heart broken.  I have had it all...and I have lost it all.  I have made choices I wish I could take back and I live with the regret of things I cannot change.

EVERYONE has a story...their own journey.  And it's not for anyone to say if their path is right or wrong.  Who's to say what's right or wrong for you?  But there are things that do not serve you. 

We are always going to have problems...that's the nature of life, the nature of the human experience.  What you do with these problems, how you handle these problems, that's what makes your personal journey and add up to the experiences that make you, you!

You are never too lost.

You are never too broken.

We will help you start from this day and let your light shine.

The Power of 90 Days was created to help you embrace the process of becoming you.  To walk you, step-by-step, through the hard times and to celebrate your victories.

No evolution can take place through denial.    We help you identify where you are and help you find your truth.  Then we help you create a plan of action that fits your goals.

You can still have an amazing life.  That is my wish for you.

Granny Spuggz

Power of 90 Days is a DBA of Spuggz, LLC, a Nevada LLC formed in 2012.


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