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Power of 90 Days is more than addiction recovery…we’re life recovery and life discovery!

  • Our program was designed to help people get clean, stay clean, and rebuild their lives. 

Many people go through a 30-day rehab…but then what? 

  • 12-step programs only work for a very, very small percentage of people.  12-step programs are based on turning your life over to a higher power. But what if you don't have the same belief or vision of a higher power that the 12-steps encourage? 

  • Additionally, we know that all drug and alcohol use started as a solution to a problem, and if that issue or problem isn’t resolved, the addiction will continue or reoccur, regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs.

  • The sad and scary reality is that 74% of the addiction recovery programs in the United States are based on 12-step programs. However, we know there are more pieces to the recovery puzzle than just 12 steps.

  • That’s where the Power of 90 Days comes in. We know that addiction becomes a brain disease, plain and simple, due to the fact that addiction triggers an imbalance in the dopamine levels of the brain, damages blood vessels and neurotransmitters in the brain, and damages other vital organs such as kidney, liver, lungs and heart. 

  • All this damage is what makes it almost impossible for people to kick opioid and drug use. This addiction process makes it hard to treat because the brain itself needs some kind of rewiring. The brain’s chemistry has changed, which means that treatment must be performed on cellular level. 

  • Finally, after decades of of research, this can be successfully achieved – with cell therapy, combined with additional protocols.

  • Cell therapy has been proven to restore balance to dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, and even repair and sometimes reverse, the damage done to the brain, as well as the damage done to other vital organs and overall health. 

  • That is why the basis of our Power of 90 Days Addiction Recovery Program combines cell therapy with several unique protocols to create a proprietary  program that is designed to be more effective than most rehabilitation programs.

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