Every addiction takes its toll of dreams, relationships and lives.  Some addictions are more disruptive than others and the devastating ripple effect can tear apart families and friends and destroys lives.  Yet, despite knowing the horrific potential for loss, everyday, someone is sucked into the delusion that they have enough discipline to try it "only once", or maybe they'll just use long enough to get through the pain.

Sadly, the statistics prove otherwise.  "Just once", or "For just a little while", doesn't exist.  Good people from good families are lost everyday to the monster of addiction.  All the discipline and willpower in the world can not save you if you don't know everything you need to fix.  

But before you can create a solid plan to overcome addiction, you need more understanding of how you got here and of the mental and physical changes to your body that your addiction caused.  Changes that make it almost impossible to quit on your own.

Most people think they know what addiction is and isn't, but most people don't understand the whole picture.  Most see it as a weakness or lack of willpower.  But there is more to it than a desire to get clean and the need for self discipline.

The Power of 90 Days Recovery Program was designed to:

  • Educate you on what addiction is and isn't
  • Help you explore the real reason you started using in the first place
  • Explain the mental and physical changes to your mind, body and spirit and what you can do to reverse the damage
  • Explore the steps that are necessary to get clean...and stay clean
  • Help you design a plan to deal with triggers and relapses
  • And most importantly, help you construct a plan to move forward and create a tomorrow that's worth living for.

With Power of 90 Days, there are no judgments, only observations on actions that do not serve you and the life you say you want.  We help you find clarity and direction.  

With the Power of 90 Days, You Can Have it A.L.L.!

Addiction Recovery

Life Recovery

Life Discovery

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90-Day Program Overview

Our program includes an online course 

and life coaching

We cover:

  • How You Got Here
  • Why You Can't Stay Clean
  • How to Move Forward
  • How to Rebuild Your Life
  • How to Stay Clean
  • You're Not Broken - You're Just Lost
  • Your Personal Blueprint
  • Your Life Story ... It's Worth Telling ... It's Worth Living
  • The Building Blocks of a Good Life

 More Program Details

  • Resources and Support
  • Addiction - What it is - Effects - Rehab & Recovery Options
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Accepting Your Past - Then Letting it Go
  • Health & Wellness
  • Forgiveness - For Yourself and Others
  • Emotional Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Finding Peace
  • Self-Esteem & Self-Worth
  • Personal Growth & Responsibility
  • Overcoming Obstacles & Setbacks
  • Relationships
  • Balancing Your Mind - Body - Spirit

To Put it Simply...We Help You Get Your Life Back!

Whether you are eager to get clean and stay clean, or want to start with being a healthier, happier addict until you're ready, the Power of 90 Days Addiction, Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program was designed for you!  

Even if you were to get clean, if you haven't balanced your mind, body and spirit, the odds are, you'll have a really hard time staying clean. We believe you can have it ALL!

Addiction Recovery - Life Recovery - Life Discovery


The Difference is Like Night and Day!

Power of 90 Days is more than addiction recovery…we’re life recovery...we're life discovery!  

Everyone needs a reason to live for tomorrow, a reason to get up in the morning.  We help you find and create that...your life - your way.

Our program was designed to help people get clean, stay clean, and rebuild their lives. Many people go through a 30-day rehab…but then what? 

12-step programs only work for a very, very small percentage of people (between 5% and 10%). 


Recover Your Way!

12-step programs are based on turning your life over to a higher power. But what if the addict doesn’t have the same belief or vision of a higher power that the 12-steps encourage? 

Additionally, we know that all drug and alcohol use started as a solution to a problem, and if that issue or problem isn’t resolved, the addiction will continue or reoccur, regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs.

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The sad and scary reality is that 74% of the addiction recovery programs in the United States are based on 12-step programs. 

However, we know there are more pieces to the recovery puzzle than just 12 steps.

Just because you cure the symptoms doesn't mean the disease goes away. 

There's a reason you start using again...something deeper.  We help you determine what that is and find a solution that doesn't involve your addiction.

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